Full Dye Sublimation



Just what is sublimation?

Sublimation is a scientific term (only time we will use these two words) for a phase transition where a solid material changes into a gas without passing through the liquid stage. Sublimation is an endothermic reaction, and occurs when the right amount of pressure and heat are applied to a solid. In our digital sublimation printing, the pressure and heat from a press change the ink from a solid transfer sheet into a gas, which is then transferred at the molecular level onto a sublimation certified garment. Most sublimation dyes start to sublimate at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but 380-420 degrees is recommended for most substrates to attain maximum color. The time and temperature of the sublimation process is dependent on the type of fabric used for digital sublimation printing. This printing methodology is extremely durable, almost permanent. It allows for a wide open spectrum of solid colours, blends and gradiant fills. 

You have seen those crazy jerseys athletes wear in all sports. Now you can have your own custom jerseys made from scratch, help design your look, pick a style, and lets us do the rest. 

The market for garments and other goods printed using dye sublimation is growing rapidly. Under the heat and pressure of a heat press, sublimation ink is converted to gaseous form and dyes the garment directly, giving it a smooth, soft feel. Dye sublimation offers greater decorating possibilities than other garment decoration methods. Sublimated garments are bright and colourful, and allow for shading and colour gradients, as well as all-over printing. 

Sublimation is just not limited to jerseys. We can sublimated items like dog tags, awards, coffee mugs, poker chips, license frames and many more items.

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Custom Sublimated Jerseys

Get fully sublimated custom jerseys made for your team or event.

Custom Sublimated Shorts

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Custom Sublimated Socks

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Hard Goods and Custom Packaging

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