About Us




We Bring A Team Approach To Helping Our Clients

Collaboration and keen desire to out perform our client's expectations is what drives us!

We are a local promotional product distributor and manufacturer and that has been in the industry since 1999. Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a nearly $17 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every business in North America. Why? Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost every major marketing effort like TV, magazines and the Internet. We are able to supply your company with every possible promotional product from over 3000 suppliers and on top of that reach we have inhouse capabilites to make unique "one of a kind' promotional items. With so many ad specialties available there is a huge opportunity for our clients to boost their ROI by leaving a lasting impression with their audience. This is our mission, to help our clients create long-lasting relationships with their customers through the power of promotional products.

To excel in this market place we have had to become equal parts creative thinkers, pragmatic business people, and doers (people who commit to get the job done right). Years of experience allows us to combine the beauty of the digital process with the clarity of clean defined business processes. This approach enhances the consumer experience and allows our team to create the unexpected.

Our enjoyment comes when we focus on creatively solving the challenges in getting the right product, with the right message , into their hands on time and on budget. This is our definition of success!

Innovation And Deployment

We are constantly looking for innovative ways our client's can cost effectively implement their marketing budget